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Why I'm not taking part in Black Friday

My email inbox has been piling up with various Black Friday offers for about 10 days now, Black Five Days, Black Friday Week, Early Bird Black Friday. It's a bit much isn't it? In the past I've offered Black Friday discounts to my customers, but this year I'm not taking part.

My work is all handmade by my own two hands. I carefully choose the materials I work with and then design my pieces, often that takes a few tries, as I tweak a design. Then there's photography, copywriting, pricing and marketing. I then handmake each and every piece I sell in my home studio. Then it's off to the post office, and then you have your handmade jewellery in your hands. 

All of this means I want to value my work and the time that goes into it. I know my customers appreciate it too, they love that I make everything just for them. And I love it when I buy something handmade, as I know that piece is just for me. 

So a big Black Friday discount isn't achievable for me, and I don't need to flog my jewellery either. I think Black Friday has its place in big retail, but when you're making something to order it doesn't. 

My jewellery is also timeless and classic in design, you can wear it for years and years to come - it will always go with your outfits. I think there's a value in that, belittled by slashing your prices. Plus, I hate tweaking my pricing, it's difficult enough for me to get around with my non-maths brain as it is 😉.


I'll always offer a small 10% discount for new customers, and the odd sweetener for my loyal customers. That works well for me, and I hope you too. 

When shopping this Christmas don't forget the small, independent businesses too. We love it when you shop with us!

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