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What's in a WIP? How I design jewellery

How does an idea become a piece of jewellery? I think everyone's design process is different, as ideas come to different people in different ways, for me it's pretty organic. I haven't trained in jewellery design so the way my ideas come to life is about scribbled notes, messy drawings and lots of moodboards (Pinterest is good for that!)

Circle Necklace - silver, rose gold, gold necklaces

My redesigned circle necklace, sadly the thicker rose gold and gold don't keep their shine so it's only available in silver. Part of the design process!

I find inspiration in so many things. A lot of the time it is from fabulous women and their fabulous jewellery, if I'm staring at your ear on a train then I'm probably figuring out how to make your earrings. I love doing that. I hope it's not weird. What particularly draws my eye is really, really simple jewellery that just stands out, that makes an outfit special. Jewellery is so graceful like that.

I get my ideas from shapes too. A lot of my work features circles, it is the most wearable shape for jewellery, and endlessly adaptable with textures and sizes too. I'm really into geometric pieces lately too, they're a bit more challenging to make, I'll admit, but it's fun trying!

My customers are also a fantastic source of inspiration - you're incredible like that! Custom requests often yield a batch of new designs, it's always good to get another perspective. That's how my Linked Circle necklaces started out. 

Trying ideas out is the next part, and often this is where an idea falls down. Sometimes it just doesn't translate to the materials I use or I'm just not very good at making that kind of design. Haha. I usually practice in copper (it's cheaper!) before moving on to silver or gold fill if I'm feeling happy with the design.

I'll wear my designs for a little while, to see how they look and feel, and how durable the particular shape is. If I find myself wearing something a lot, then often it simply HAS to become a design. I love jewellery that just clicks into your life like that.

Then it's onto the more practical aspects - pricing, photographing, launching the design, and then telling you guys about it!

Silver Circle Necklace

The original circle necklace. I took new photos of it and then realised I wanted to redesign it. I annoy myself!

Sometimes I like to come back to older designs and give them a new look. It's on my list for a lot of my pieces, as my skills have improved since I first designed them. Silver Circle Necklace

The redesigned circle necklace

This circle necklace started off slightly larger and slightly thinner, and I've recently updated it to be a smaller pendant with a thicker finish. Now, to me, it looks just 'so' - it's evolved to the way my jewellery wears and looks now. 

Bar studs, but longer!

I also like to play with new takes on existing designs too, my bar studs have recently undergone the Pinocchio treatment - becoming long creeper style bars that sit all the way along your ear. Minimal but with a statement! 

As with any creative work, it's never finished, and that's what I like about it. I'm always finding new ideas, new materials and new techniques. Wonder what will come next? 

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