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Ways to wear: simple wedding jewellery

Subtle minimal jewellery can be the ideal way to accessorise your wedding dress. Simpler jewellery can let your beautiful dress be the centre of attention, our delicate, feminine and comfortable pieces are the icing on the cake. 

Here's some tips for choosing simple jewellery for your wedding day:

Pick your hero piece

Major on key piece - a necklace, earrings or stacking ring, and simplify the others. So you could pair a tiny crystal necklace with a pair of recycled silver studs, or try our opal drop earrings with a gold stacking ring. This is the best way to make your whole outfit work well together. 

White Opal and Gold Earrings

Choose comfort

You're going to be on your feet all day so delicate jewellery will help you feel more comfortable than heavier, more traditional pieces. Plus you won't get tangled up during all those hugs, or when you hit the dancefloor! Pick the types of jewellery you find most comfortable, do you prefer necklaces to earrings, or the other way around?

Minimal jewellery

Future proof your jewellery

Want memories of your wedding day with you wherever you go? Choose pieces you'll wear on a normal day too, they'll prove an essential part of your wardrobe and a keepsake you can cherish each day. Our mini linked circle necklaces are loved by many for dress up days and 'jeans and t-shirt' days. 

Tips for weddings guests

Minimal jewellery is fantastic for wedding guests, as you can buy key pieces to wear with every outfit for every wedding you go to each year. Pick one metal across your minimal jewellery collection, and you'll find each piece will work with anything you wear. We particularly like rose gold for weddings, the blush colour is so pretty.

Start choosing your minimal wedding jewellery, or get in touch for a custom piece.


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  • I love this post! I have just started wearing more jewellery and have a blog post coming out soon about it! so many lovely pieces on here ?


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