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Who else is loving this podcast revolution we're having lately? I am speeding through so many podcasts and there's always something new to listen to, which is fantastic. On a studio day I'll listen to podcasts all day, they're perfect listening when I'm at my bench.

These are my long-time favourites, a mixture of factual, comedy, inspiration, style and food. I find this combo keeps me in a good mood and teaches me a thing or two as well!

Stuff You Should Know

By far my favourite, I've learnt so much from these two jolly American guys - everything from how portaloos work (best if you're not eating) to why people are left-handed (because they're awesome). They publish a podcast twice a week so they're always the first people I listen to at the start of a jewellery making session.

IRL UK Podcast

You know those terrible magazines you only read when you're in the GP's waiting room? A podcast of the most hilarious (and disgusting) stories found in places like Heat, Take a Break and Closer. NSFW and will make you absolutely howl with laughter, Anna and Rhiannon have such a way with words. 

How I Built This 

An American podcast, from NPR, interviewing people who created some of the businesses we're most familiar with. Fantastic for small business owners looking for inspiration, the Instagram, Spanx and Delta Airline episodes are my favourites.

Stir the Pot

A food podcast hosted by Edd Kimber, winner of Series 1 of The Great British Baker. I love listening to people who are as obsessed and in love with food as I am. Dorie Greenspan's episode is particularly cheerful and interesting, she's had such an amazing career. 

Get it On

An excellent light-hearted podcast about fashion from Dawn O'Porter, I warn you, it will make you want to go shopping though. I love the episodes she does with stylists in Hollywood, such an eye opener into industry, it's crazy!

Which podcasts do you love listening to? I'm after more crafty/handmade podcasts and I love a true crime one too, so please comment with your recommendations.

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