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New studs and earrings to adorn your ears

Minimal's been my vibe recently, simple but striking geometric shapes - bars, curves, triangles. These shapes are part of my newest styles just added to the shop. A sleek creeper bar stud, cutesy triangle studs and my most minimal design - a simple curved hook earring.

Minimal Curve Earrings

I always find myself drawn to simpler shapes in the summer months. When the weather's hot it's much nicer to wear light weight pieces - a few tiny studs dotted across your lobes and a barely there circle necklace. 

Bar Studs - Mela Jewellery

The new arrivals are perfect for mixing and matching too - why not try a par of long bar studs worn vertically and matched with our simple recycled dot studs

Shop our new arrivals, and don't forget the 10% discount for new customers. 

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