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How to wear and style midi rings

Midi rings - how to wear and style them

One of my favourite ways to wear stacking rings is as a midi set. It is such an effortless way to embrace a modern jewellery trend. There's a few simple rules for buying and wearing midi rings to fit you like a glove, here's what you need to know...
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Sizing midi rings

Midi rings should be snug so they don't slip off but not too tight. It's best to size down by 3-5 full sizes (don't include half sizes in your maths) depending on where you want to wear the rings.
For example, I'm a size P so for a middle finger midi (that sits just above the second joint) I'd got for a size K. K 1/2 suits an index finger. For a pinky ring, size down by 5-6 sizes, so mine is J.
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Styling midi rings

It's totally up to you how you style you rings, that's what makes the look so great, it is totally individual. What I love to do is mix metals and textures when wearing midis, it looks so pretty.
Wearing a skinny gold stacker 'normally' on your middle finger, pop a skinny silver stacker just above it and on your pinky, with a little dotted stacker ring on your ring finger. Why not try mixing thickness of the rings too? The chunkier square stacker or the diamond cut stacker are perfect.
Midi rings modelled - how to style

Wearing midis

Now, providing you size them right they will stay on your hands just fine, but you have to be a teeny bit more careful than with normal rings. When washing up its best to take them off and pop them in your pocket, this also stops them tarnishing. Otherwise, wear them as normal!
stacking midi rings - handmade

Start your midi ring collection

You can buy stacking rings individually or alternatively any stacking ring set can be made in multiple sizes. Just choose one size from the drop down menu and then leave me a note telling me what the other two sizes (and textures) should be.

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