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How to care for handmade jewellery

How do you care for silver and gold fill jewellery? It's very simple and a little care will ensure your pieces sparkle with each wear, and last a lifetime.

Store your jewellery in the box or organza bag provided, or securely in a jewellery box. A cool, dark and dry environment will ensure your pieces don't discolour or tarnish too quickly. Store studs with the butterfly backs on and necklaces with the clasps fastened to prevent tangling. Want to hang your necklaces? It's best to store them on hooks inside a cupboard or wardrobe.

Clean your jewellery with a silver polishing cloth. Tarnish will happen naturally so don't worry if your jewellery darkens slightly. To remove a lot of tarnish try silver dip and make sure you dry the piece very thoroughly after using.

Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower or during exercise, this will corrode your jewellery very quickly, as will storing it in a damp place like a bathroom. 

We choose sterling silver and gold fill for our jewellery because it lasts a lifetime if cared for. It's durable, beautiful and easy to care for. Read more about protecting your jewels with our jewellery box picks.

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