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Cambridge Creatives Photowalk!

Cambridge Creatives Photowalk!

Addicted to Instagram and love discovering new places? Then a photowalk is for you! The second Cambridge Creatives Instagram Photowalk (Spring edition!) took place last weekend, on a gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon. The idea is to discover a city or learn more about your local area whilst snapping pictures for Instagram. The more 'insta-worthy' (sorry) the location, the better. 

The Spring walk included a fabulous wisteria spot, it wouldn't be an Instagram walk without out. The walk also included plenty of Cambridge stereotypes - bikes, punts, cows, the river, and of course the gorgeous University buildings.

The photowalk, organised by Claireabellemakes and Jo from Hello Sunshine, is also a great way to meet fellow creative types and have a good ol' natter on the way round. Last Sunday's walk had locals as well as those from further afield - London, Sheffield, Nottingham and even Denmark! We were a mixture of creatives - makers, bloggers, crafters, photographers... I left feeling really inspired and genuinely cheery.

Thanks so much to Claire and Jo for their fab organisation skills, I look forward to the next one. 

Now, let's have some photos...

Cambridge Creatives Photowalk!

Wisteria Hysteria!

I didn't spot the classic car in the background until later on, what a beauty!

More wisteria love...


I spotted a little Sylvanian Family character someone had left on The Backs, just on a little post. I don't know why but I hope it was just to bring cheer to passers by, the kind of thing I love Cambridge for. 

Cambridge Creatives Instagram Photowalk: Spring

Cambridge Creatives Instagram Photowalk: Spring





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