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Behind the scenes: studio tour

My craft studio is probably the room in the house I like the most, it's cosy, colourful and functional, and I created it myself! I've had various studios over the years, starting at the coffee table before moving to a corner of the spare room before finally having a whole room to myself. 

My studio is very much a work in progress, and I do want to change a lot of what is here. Anyone have any ideas?

There are two main areas of my studio space, my bench and my desk. On the left of the room is a long table (well actually two tables together as we couldn't fit a long table back when we only had one tiny car!) which I use to pack orders and do my admin. There's shelving for books and paperwork and two of those indispensable IKEA drawers for tools and packing supplies. My tumble polisher sits near the window, use to harden and brighten up finished pieces.

On the right side is my lovely bench. It's mucky and cluttered and that's how I like it! What's the slow cooker for you ask? You warm an acidic 'pickle' made from white vinegar and salt (or you can use a specially made chemical) to take the soot off metal after you've soldered it. I have a pegboard to store all my bags of wires, it's the best way I've found to keep everything organised and easy to grab. My pliers are held up by Sugru hooks, I'm pretty proud of this nifty little idea! Sugru is a bit like plasticine, which you form into your desired shape, it sets hard so you can use it for things like hooks, or to fix things!

Next to the bench is my printer and my mannequin, which is often used as storage or to see how a necklace design is playing out. There's a peek of a WIP there which I'm hoping works out!

Want to spruce up your studio? Here's my craft studio essentials (and a some bits from my wishlist too!)

Habitat Ginnie Chair

Habitat Ginnie Chair

Sugru Mouldable Glue

Sugru Mouldable Glue

Life is better in rose gold

'Life is better in rose gold' print, Dot Creates

IKEA Moppe Mini Drawers

Pegboard, Grace and Glory

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